Where for art thou?


Today marks three weeks since I waved goodbye to Lutris [as Eärendil] as she pulled out of the Snead Island Marina aboard a big ‘ol truck. “Where is she?”, you ask. Well that’s actually a fine question. She made her way to Oklahoma, where, due to the timing of the Memorial Day holiday, I suggested that the driver, Rocky, take a couple of days to hang out with his family, rather that just be sitting outside Delta Marine waiting for them to get back to work.

Rocky took me up on the offer, but as it turned out, while he was home, he started feeling pretty bad. He had been having some blood pressure issues, so rather than risk is health [let alone his truck and our boat], he went to get checked out by his doctor down in Dallas. They changed his medication around and waited to see what effects that had, but in the end decided that having a stint put in was necessary. As of this morning he’s still recovering from that process, and is hoping that he’ll be in good enough shape to get moving in the next few days.

While I’m really glad that Rocky is taking care of his health, and there weren’t any “incidents” caused by his condition, I can’t help but feel impatient. We’re having a stretch of just perfect sailing weather up here in Seattle, and coupled with the fact that we’re paying for a slip with no boat in it and the number of stops and starts I’ve put Jeff over at Delta through, I just want the darn boat to be here already. Instead, I’m 3 pages deep into my projects list, and staring at photos of our new lady.

Patience is a virtue.

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