A couple of video teasers


Hong has been honing her video editing skills and came up with a couple of cool teasers for our recent trips. Please check them out, and send some feedback our way! The first one is from our annual trip up to her sister’s cabin on Hood Canal. The whole family gathers here every year for fishing, crabbing, and plain lazing around. We encountered a really dense fog bank off West Point on our way up the sound. We had a wonderful few days catching crab & kayaking around the canal.

The second video is from a recent getaway to a local favorite, Blake Island, it’s just an hour sail away, but if you can get a spot on the west side, it feels like much farther than that. We, unfortunately, ended up on the East side, and we treated to noisy campers & a very rolly anchorage. Hong kayaked around the entire island (about six miles) while I tended to some maintenance on board.

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