There is much to be said

The saga of Lutris getting “lost” last year during her transport is coming to an end. The lawyers told me to stop talking about it. To stop talking on the blog period, and I listened, but the writing is on the wall: the driver Rocky Clark, is never going to pay up, is never going to answer to me or the law, and the continued pursuit is is only going to serve to pad the pockets of the lawyers.

So it’s done.

There is much that is deserved to be said, a story that needs telling, and I thought I’d just sit right down and write it all out, but it’s not flowing like I hoped in would. It’s coming though, a series of posts, of what happened – from my perspective, as it’s all I can offer.

Lutris has been resting at home for many months now, getting the care and attention she deserves. There will be more posts about that too. I’m hoping this will stand to signal a return of life to the blog. I hope you’re still around to follow us, it’s going to be fun.