Weigh Anchor

We’ve always weighed anchor by hand, I’ve never had a boat with a windlass, and it’s never really bothered me a bit. But as this is my 40th year here on planet Earth and I am not getting any younger, I started just skimming Craigslist and Ebay for a cheap windlass. I wasn’t really going to buy one unless an amazing deal surfaced. Wouldn’t you know it though a marine supplier in Texas was shuttering and they had their whole inventory on Ebay. I got it for a song. It’s actually been sitting in the v-berth for about 6 months, but I needed to get the batteries updated, and the wiring squared away, but it’s all set up and going now.

I had to have a custom plate welded up to set the Lewmar Pro1000 Windlass in the right spot to drop the rode down the hawse. The plate saddles the srint and is made of 3/8″ aluminium, it was all cut by waterjet which is pretty neat. The solenoid is located in the anchor locker, where they tell you NOT to put it, but it’s right by the louvers to the v-berth so should have plenty of airflow. The main breaker is located just under my power monitors and the up/down switch is at the top of the companionway. Where I can see the rollers and reach the throttle. I’m thinking I’ll want to add a wireless controller as well.