More Power, Dockside

So when we left off our story, I had added 3 new Group 31 AGMs. 2 in the previous battery location, and a new one under the chart table seat. In order to wire in a few more items to the start bank, I added in another bus bar in the underseat location too.

2016-01-27 13.03.57

PHASE 2 – Add Recovery – Dockside

So with all this new found capacity, we need to have a better way to fill these bad boys up. So out with the old 10AMP charger and in with a new 40AMP Charger. After a bunch of reading and research I decided to go with the new ProMariner 12/40, and unit made for them by Sterling. It has a whole host of power maps, and even a custom setting that will allow me to set my own absorption and float voltages. It also has some spiffy features like if it is sitting on float for 21 days, it’ll bump the voltage from 13.6V up to 14.6V for 24 hours to combat sulfation. It also can equalize the batteries with a voltage of 15.5V, just make sure you keep an eye on those batteries. This thing has all sorts of wiz-bang things, battery temp sensor, remote display, it’s like living in the future; or at least the 90’s.

2016-01-24 13.55.24